Group Dynamics and the New Heroism Weekend Workshop

I will conduct a two day weekend workshop in Berkeley, California that will introduce participants to the teaching method developed by Philip Zimbardo and myself in our Berkeley Civic Courage and Heroism Experiment (2014) - which we captured on our 6 hour film series, Group Dynamics and the New Heroism: That Ethical Alternative to the Standford Prison Experiment

In this workshop, eight individuals will learn the group dynamics of creating and participating in the formation of a group that acts in concert with each other, courageously and nonviolently, to defend an ethical principle or people in need - even at possible risk to self.

Who should attend?

Leaders who want to develop the skills and learn the method of group formation that actively resists scapegoating as a group norm, becomes socio-centrically bonded, and creates a project that requires collective nonviolent action in pursuit of an ethical goal.

Especially designed for Peace and Justice and social activists who want to form specific task groups committed to work together and develop plans to take nonviolent courageous action in the public interest.

Tentative Schedule for 16 hour Workshops

Saturday 10AM - 6PM Includes 2 hour working lunch
Sunday 10AM - 6PM Includes 2 hour working lunch

Workshop fee: $350

Additional cost: $200

(50% discount for a copy of 6 hour film series)

Total cost: $550

Please contact me for more information about dates for upcoming Workshops in Berkely, California:

Bill Roller, Director
Group Dynamics and the New Heroism
Berkeley Group Education Foundation
1104 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94707
Phone: (510) 525-9215

I will co-lead this workshop with Gloria Park, J.D. and a participant in the original Berkeley Civic Courage and Heroism Experiment.

I can also plan and conduct on-site workshops at the request of Specific Organizations. Contact me directly to discuss dates and costs.