The Berkeley Group and Family Institute was co-founded by Bill Roller and Vivian Nelson, who have been leaders in group and family therapy for over four decades.

In addition to their clinical practice, Bill and Vivian direct the Berkeley Group Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that serves the public interest and the common good by creating seminars and professional trainings, and producing educational videos for a wide range of audiences.

Most recently, the Berkeley Group Education Foundation has produced and sponsored national and international Symposia at clinical conferences and law schools in order to address the ethical issues that arise for both clinicians and lawyers as they confront and condemn the practice of torture as a policy of the state.

Symposium at UC Berkeley School of Law, 2010
Symposium at Stanford Law School, 2011
Symposium at Cartagena, 2012
Symposium at UC Berkeley School of Law, 2015

We also conduct clinical research in group therapy and group process: The Promise of Group Therapy, and currently collaborate in the experimental study of what conditions allow people to act courageously in the defense of ethical principles or people in need of protection: Group Dynamics and the New Heroism.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating on a project!

Bill Roller and Vivian Nelson
1104 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707

Phone: 510-525-9215
Fax: 510-525-4651

List of Books by Bill Roller

Paul Schilder: Mind Explorer
Donald Shaskan, M.D.,co-editor
New York: Human Sciences Press, 1985

The Art of Co-therapy: How Therapists Work Together
Co-authored with Vivian Nelson
New York: Guilford Publications, 1991

The Promise of Group Therapy: How To Build a Vigorous Training and Organizational Base For Group Practice in Managed Behavioral Healthcare
San Francisco, Jossey-Bass Publications, Division of Simon & Schuster, 1997

Un Cuento del Bosque: A Forest Story
A bilingual children’s story with illustrations
Berkeley: Carpinchu Press, 1998

Un Cuento del Mar: A Sea Story
A bilingual children’s story with illustrations
Berkeley: Carpinchu Press, 2003

The Dead Are Dancing
Berkeley: Creative Arts Book Company, 2002